Sporting Challenge


On your marks, get set, throw!


For up to 8 players to complete a circuit of the board, progressing through four performance levels:

  • Club
  • County
  • National
  • International

to complete a lap of the stadium and to finish on the podium first, having obtained sufficient:

  • Skill
  • Publicity
  • Funding
  • Success

on the way.

Set up

The board should be set up with the following in place:

  • Stumble cards - ♯
  • Question cards - ?
  • Player pieces selected

These should be placed on square one. Up to a maximum of two players per lane.


Whoever throws the highest score of the die starts. The game proceeds around the board in an anti-clockwise direction.


The first player throws the die to start and moves forward the number of spaces indicated.

When a player lands on a square that is marked "?", a question card is taken. The question that corresponds with the number rolled on the die to get there should be answered. If it is answered correctly, the player is to move on one space. If incorrectly answered, the player is to move back one space.

When a player lands on a square that is marked “♯”, a stumble card is taken from the top of the pile and the instructions followed.

The first lap - completing the four performance levels

There are 4 performance levels to be attained during the first circuit of the stadium, which are in order as each player progresses around the track:

  • First quarter is Club
  • Second quarter is County
  • Third quarter is National
  • Fourth quarter is International

Before reaching the podium, the player needs to achieve an Element of:

  • Success
  • Publicity
  • Funding
  • Skill

One should be obtained during each performance level as follows:

  • Club - skill
  • County - success
  • National - funding
  • International - publicity

The player may choose when to obtain these during a performance level, taking into account factors such as:

  • if an Element is obtained early on, it may be lost if unlucky with a Stumble card
  • if the player waits until the last moment and then is unable to answer a question to obtain an Element, other players may over take them.

A player may choose to try for an Element on any square not marked with a ? or ♯. They should announce their intention to try, and answer a question card correctly. The question is determined by rolling the die. If the question is not answered correctly, the player may continue to try and obtain the Element on their next go before moving on, or may abandon that attempt.

Players must not move on to the next level of competition until they have obtained the relevant Element and must stop on the last square of that stage regardless of the number thrown on the die until they correctly answer a question. There is no need to wait there if the Element has already been obtained at that performance level.

The second lap - around the stadium

By the end of the international performance level, the player should have obtained skill, success, funding and publicity.

Players should then complete a second circuit of the board, a lap around the stadium, in a race to the podium. The game continues as before with the number of squares moved on each go determined by rolling the die. As before, question cards should be answered if landed on, moving on a square if correctly answered and back a square if the answer is incorrect. Stumble cards are also taken if appropriate. If an Element of skill, success, funding or publicity is lost during the final lap, it should be regained as before. Whichever Element is lost it must be regained during any level for example, if skill is lost during the National level, it must be regained there and then without returning to club level by answering a ? card question as before.

The winner is the first player to arrive at the podium with all four Elements.

On your marks, get set, throw!